Welcome My Lovelies!!!

I would like to officially say hello from Pilchy (see what I did there ;). Feel free to explore this fantabulous unknown world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I try to help hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyou have the most of being a girl. If you like what you see check me out on Lookbook (hellopilchy)

Big Day Out

Sorry I haven't updated in so loooooooong! I got into an acting production and my life has been cray cray since then :P. So I visited Uni the other day and wasn't sure if this out fit was worthy of going on here however the shoes are TOO. DIE. FOR. Hopefully you lovelies like them as much as me xoxo Hellopilchy.

Hope you liked it! Here's what I'm wearing:
Shorts - Lee
Top - Avocardo
Shoes - Red Heart by Soles
Sunnies - Vintage ;D

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