Welcome My Lovelies!!!

I would like to officially say hello from Pilchy (see what I did there ;). Feel free to explore this fantabulous unknown world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I try to help hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyou have the most of being a girl. If you like what you see check me out on Lookbook (hellopilchy)

For the past 3 weeks I've been in Sheepland, *cough* *cough* New Zealand. I had the time of my life, doing the craziest things such as paint ball, racing, glacier climbing, bungy jumping, cliff diving, you know...the ush. 

I promise I will be updating more often. Thank you for being so patient. Love you guys.
What I'm wearing...
Shoes: Express
Jacket: Forever 21

Velvet Pokies

Hello beauties! This is one of my fave ever outfits out of my whole closet. So lately I've been loving simple yet pretty pieces and accessorizing to add POW. So.......Ya! Enjoy.

So I hope you like my outfit as much as I do. I'm going to start doing more beauty blogs. Check out my instagram: hello_pilchxo - lots of girly pics just for you. 
Playsuit - Dissh
Belt - Princess Polly

Big Day Out

Sorry I haven't updated in so loooooooong! I got into an acting production and my life has been cray cray since then :P. So I visited Uni the other day and wasn't sure if this out fit was worthy of going on here however the shoes are TOO. DIE. FOR. Hopefully you lovelies like them as much as me xoxo Hellopilchy.

Hope you liked it! Here's what I'm wearing:
Shorts - Lee
Top - Avocardo
Shoes - Red Heart by Soles
Sunnies - Vintage ;D

Animal Thief

Hi Everybody! So this outfit is really an excuse to show you my favourite shoes in my whole closet...but everything I'm wearing I loooooove to pieces. Hope you enjoy.

Okily Dokelly...So I walking down the road yesterday and you would not believe what I saw! THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN!!!!! So of course I went and yah. That's what I did today and I must add it was sooooooo much fun. It's been too long.
Top - Cotton on
Jacket - Ava
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes -Yalida
Okay thanks for checking me out! And remember if you liked this...go check out my Lookbook!

My Top 5 TV Shows for the Holidays

I don't know about you but I'm always looking for a new TV series to throw myself into soooo...here I will be telling you my favourites which I think you should all try! Starting from number 5...


Dance M"u"ms! This show is definitely classified as a drama...I mean the tension between the mums in this show is crazy. At times it's overbearing so I just skip it but it's an american reality TV show what do you expect right? Sometimes I can't help but sit back and laugh at how ridiculous it is sometimes. But besides the drama the dancing is ammmmaaaaaazinnnnngg wait no it's...amaze balls. And the costumes too just add the cherry on top. When you have your first look at it it might seem a bit like rubbish but don't give up it gets better...I promise. If you want a taste of how brilliant some of the routines are go look up "Dance Moms car crash routine"...it's breath taking.


New Girl is an awesome quirky show about a uniquely fabulous youngish girl who moves into an apartment with three guys after her first serious break up (she actually reminds me of myself weirdly...). I never really paid much attention to it until the other day I watched my first episode and I was hooked. And her best friend is so ridiculously pretty it's just...wow. Plus it's not one of those TV shows that you need to watch in order...I mean it would make more sense if you did but it's not important...BUT DON'T SKIP A SEASON!


Arh if it isn't the mother of all teen shows...America's Next Top Model!!! If you are a girl and you have NOT heard of this show...I recommend you purchase a lighter rock to live under because that's NUTS. I swear to you that there wouldn't be more than 5 seasons of this show I wouldn't of seen. I love it. As simple as that. If I really need to explain it to you I will...so a group of girls compete to become the next top model and every week they partake challenges and photo-shoots which determines who goes home. So in conclusion I say GO WATCH IT! It is life changing ;) :P


I can not tell you how sad I am that the Carrie Diaries stopped producing because I loved it! It is...I mean was every girls dream. The fashion was amazing...the characters were awesome and scandalous and it was something we could relate to. Apparently they weren't getting enough views which I personally this is lies but whatever...we will always remember her. It's about Carrie, a girl who lives in a small town and goes to an ordinary high school until suddenly she finds herself working at interview magazine. The most in trend magazine around. If you haven't checked it out you must at this very moment...what are you doing gooooooooo!


So to some it up it's fantabulous! But I'm guessing you want to know a little more than that...So there is a lot of content in this show so I can't explain it all to you but I'll try to give you an idea without spoiling anything. So it stars Elena who firstly falls in love with Stefan but later ends up having a thing Damon...CAN WE GET A LOOOOVE TRIANGLE. And boy, is this love triangle addicting. There's also acting and suspence and you get many reasons to cry because you can't help feeling for the characters. There's some gruesome components in this but nothing to major. The romance is great and wow...is Damon dreamy ;D but you will figure that out. Now be gone! 

_         _        _           _           _          _         _              _            _             _               _           _            _

So there we have it my top 5 TV shows! I hope you liked it because I looooooove them. That was what I call a lifestyle post. Next will most probably be a make-up post. Xoxo Hello Pilchy

Jewel Hearted

The other day I was shopping with a bestie (as you do) and I came across this shirt thought..."OH! I have a necklace that would look fabulous with this"...and bam! It was my first purchase. So I guess that was my inspiration for this outfit :) .

Okay well this was a more formal dolled up version of me. You will see many more versions of me to come...Hope you enjoyed it! Xoxo Hello Pilchy.
Top - Valley Girl
Necklace - Dissh
Skirt - Mooloola

Sun Rays

So this weekend I went up to a friends farm and it was FREEZING! I swear penguins were soon to arrive along with snow. Lucky for me however...it was a perfect place for my first fashion post. So here I am posing around a beautiful tree which was said to be over 100 years old!!!

So usually I would dress up a little bit more however...considering the environment I went for the more chilled out look. Hope you liked it!