Welcome My Lovelies!!!

I would like to officially say hello from Pilchy (see what I did there ;). Feel free to explore this fantabulous unknown world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I try to help hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyou have the most of being a girl. If you like what you see check me out on Lookbook (hellopilchy)

Sun Rays

So this weekend I went up to a friends farm and it was FREEZING! I swear penguins were soon to arrive along with snow. Lucky for me however...it was a perfect place for my first fashion post. So here I am posing around a beautiful tree which was said to be over 100 years old!!!

So usually I would dress up a little bit more however...considering the environment I went for the more chilled out look. Hope you liked it!


  1. Sorry guys I totally forgot to say where the garments were from!!!
    Jumper: Dotti (in stores), Boots: Lipstick (couldn't live without).

  2. Nice jumper :D
    Hehe, next time I see you I'll teach you how to edit posts! <3 xx